Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whilst waiting at the Post Office

Collection Development project is organized and I know what to do. It's the taking the notes and putting them into my fancy Word document, tables and all, that is what I have to spend this week doing. We have to find two justifications for each book or material we list. So that's the main part that gets complicated - I've used actual "Booklist" magazines to find recent YA books that have good reviews. Then I have to find a second positive review by using "Books in Print" for example. But, again, I have a clear grasp on the whole thing, it's just the organization of it. And I love organization and book shopping so it's actually quite fun.
My classes will be doing their own Literary Criticism projects in the library this week. By May 6th they'll have their Finals done and the term will be over.
Our vacation is all arranged and I'll just have to get our Disney tickets before Steve gets here. We're both excited.
Okay, out of line at the Post Office. There had to be 20 people in there waiting!
Off to the store...

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