Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Building Block Search in ERIC

For my Building Block search, I took the query, “What reading books are recommended for Kindergarten students when beginning school?” This search can be narrowed down to s1: reading s2: books s3: kindergarten. I narrowed the search by Education Level: kindergarten as well. I wish to find examples of books that I could use in a school library for kindergarten children.
One of my results is "March of the Penguins: Building Knowledge in a Kindergarten Classroom." While this is an article describing how to teach the same principles of reading strategies with read-alouds and vocabulary building. For a young audience, the visuals along with the words created a tremendous learning tool. The author of the article, Lauren Fingeret, also give information on lessons and tables indicating tested results of those skills.
While this article does not discuss a book, it is quite useful in knowing that I can look for the film and give teachers the lesson plan information. Since Reading strategies go beyond books, I find this a very useful and unexpected search result.