Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Notes on "Everyone Loves Hugo"

Knew the bit with the dynamite would happen. They had a whole episode about them being super careful with transporting it across the island.
The new arrival is Desmond - Bad Locke knows he's important.
Still don't know where this season is going to go. Ben has a good point about "Makes you wonder what will happen when it's done with us."
So everyone is going to leave on a plane now that they're back? This is our plan. The rest of the plot will just be about going back and forth, trying to get everyone together and on the plane?
And apparently Hugo's not been crazy or in the nut house before according to Bizarro L.A.
Okay, who's the kid?
"What the island is." Oooh.
Hugo's in charge now? He was right and he said to go back before.
An answer? Holy cow!
Is that golden glow from the torch intentional on Hugo's face?
Knew it was gonna happen with the kiss. Cool!
Knew that would happen with the well too! Bad, Bad Locke!
Beware Jack! Bad Locke will get you next!
What the heck, Desmond?! So he'd remember?
And that Willy Wonka advert - awesome!

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