Friday, April 9, 2010

Tagging and CSS

Web Development class assignment

Wow.  That CSS stuff threw me for a major loop this morning! I was using the Castro book but the introductory chapter she had on CSS was only 7 pages long.  It explained how to type up code for headers, font, colors, etc. but not how to incorporate it into the HTML document.  So I read ahead and asked Steve (He’s such a great help to me!) if I needed to remove the HTML colors and such now.  I don’t.  I made the separate CSS file document, read the next chapter about linking that style sheet into the homepage file and let it at that.  No clue what else I could have done with it at this stage.  I can manipulate code, and I have for a while, but making it from scratch is a whole frustrating, separate issue.

I also mentioned in my survey that “I don’t mind using IE as our browser even though so many people like Firefox and Chrome. I find IE the easiest especially since I use Norton and it saves my passwords for me.”

Web Development class discussion

Context of Social Network Metadata: Do users tag for the group(s) of people they associate with?

It is the easiest to take children or young adults and think about how they speak, when thinking about how groups of people tag according to whom they associate with. To them “English” would be their Language Arts 8th grade class in room 207. To someone outside their community “English” would mean English language, English classes in general, English people, etc. As their teacher, if I used the term “static” as a key word in their terminology for the class, they would tag this for anything discussing characters in their assigned stories. However, if someone who isn’t taking the course or is not as familiar with “static characters” as a term in literature, it would be considered as the dictionary meaning. The tagging for a group of students in the same course, especially if they are working on an assignment, would be tagging in the same way, with the same key words.

Personal stuff

I decided to use my Blogger website as another mirror for this site as well.  There are so many librarians who use Blogger so I can follow those sites there (and vice versa I hope) there as well.  I used that account when I was taking a different class.  It still has some of the assignment posts on there, but no matter, at least I’ll remember what things I learned.  That’s been the objective for my having a library blog to begin with.

I watched Entre les Murs (The Class) which was very good.  It was interesting to see that the same junk that happens in classrooms in the U.S. can happen in Europe where they are more refined and better educated (in comparison with our standards.)  I also gave Pride and Prejudice another whirl this morning.  Nope, just not that interesting to me.  And Flixster makes my Norton software have a fit.  Keeps telling me that site is unsafe.  Maybe it is and I should try something else, huh?

This weekend will be the push to complete the Collection Development project. 

I still am reading Alice, I Have Been.  I’ve slacked on it for the past couple of days though. 

Speaking of which, today is Friday, which means I’m off to the library in a bit!

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