Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Notes on "Ab Aeterno Enhanced"

Wait, how did we know the medicine wasn't real?
That priest is horrible. Priest FAIL
Aha! The smoke monster lies and tricks!
Okay, this guy is the devil I think.
The loophole was when he took the form of John Locke?
"Good to see you out of those chains" was something Bad Locke said to Richard too before he beat him up.
Wait wait so the island is a cork for evil? So how come there can be evil in the world. How's this theory gonna work?
And Jacob is a Christ like figure? Touching them and giving them eternal life on Earth?
And why does Isabella have on modern clothes?
"Close your eyes" was something between Richard and Isabella? How do we know that without them telling us?
I still kinda don't understand but thanks anyway, Lost.

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