Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Notes on "The Last Recruit"

"On the third day...?" "Yes that was me." To help him find water and leave. So Jacob had trapped him?
Now this is interesting - Jack is now defending Good Locke.
Oh no way - everyone's at the hospital?
"It's him!" So the parallel world and bizarro world are aware of one another.
And Claire knows Jack's her brother.
And Jack's the only one who isn't easily seduced by Bad Locke like everyone else is?
"That's our bad guy." Cool.
Now is it just me, or is this whole idea of people fighting with black smoke as their leader kind of dumb?
I'm with the theory of Desmond as Jacob. Why is he stalking everyone? Seriously, he's creepy - like Jacob.
And who's the lawyer? Oh come on! Wait, she's supposed to protect Jacob...
Yeah why don't we just go against Bad Locke and aha! Yup Sawyer's got a plan!
Oh I get it! Now if Sayid isn't a zombie he can pretend he killed him. But he's supposed to shoot the gun in the promo so maybe Zombie Sayid will do Bad Locke's bidding.
Nice Jedi mind trick on Desmond's part.
Aha so everyone is together in bizarro world because they have to be together on the island.
And this Sun can't talk thing is dumb.
Oh GOOD! Make crazy Claire mad again. Just shoot her, Kate, come on! She's nuts!
Did that little boy, David's voice get deeper already? And who is David's mother?
Oh heck! Jack's going to save Locke and help him walk again?
Jack is on Good Locke's side. "The island isn't done with you yet."
So he's going to leave Kate? Nice.
Ooh! Same kind of thing they did with Ben.
Okay. Cry time. "We'll never be apart again."

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