Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Notes on "Across the Sea"

So now we know where Jacob and the Man in Black came from, but where did the midwife/murderer killer come from?
Aha! The black and White rock game.
He doesn't have a name.
"I've made it so you can never hurt each other."
"This is the reason we're here."
I'm confused.
"I don't care!" Good call, Jacob.
So she turned him into a vampire like on "Lost Boys"?
Star Wars burned village reference.
Yep, saw that coming.
Worst death scene ever.
Knew that was going to happen to. Black Smoke from cave.
Aha! Thank you, show!
Necessary episode but just okay. I loved the ending though.
2 episodes left and an awesome promo with The Doors' "The End". Very cool.

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