Saturday, May 8, 2010

Already getting ready for Summer term

Last night I finished my reflection paper for Collection Development class.  I has to discuss my Collection Development project – the YA serialized novel collection.  I talked about how it went, what tools I used and how I would have changed it.  There’s a lot I would have changed. 

Read my Reflection Essay here

I finished the Web Development final website on Thursday.  After I submitted my simple, efficient Friends of the Titusville Library site (a site which I can’t link to as it has to be used via my TWU account) was nothing compared to the other sites.  People had sidebars, headers, tons of info, etc.  But I did what was required and what I thought was good for my project.  Oh well.

I still have no idea what’s going on with Financial Aid.  The office told me that I would be awarded for 2010 but the information for my account online still says there’s no award.  School starts at the beginning of June so my classes have to get paid somehow.  I have to take Practicum and Public Library (again).  I have to have an extra class as I’m doing the volunteer class.

Also, TWU hadn’t received anything from the library director here about my volunteering.  When I called to ask for the director to contact the school, I spoke with a nice librarian (one reason why I love this profession – librarians are so nice) who was eager for me to volunteer because she “definitely needs” my help.  How nice to be needed.  I can get my education and help people all at the same time.  What a nice career I’ve chosen.

So that’s all for the time being in the world of my late night library endeavors.  I will be finishing up the grades this weekend for the classes I taught and then it’s major cleaning and getting ready for the vacation. 

20 days until Steve and I are on vacation together!

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