Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Notes on "The Candidate"

Nice twist on "The Candidate" there, Lost
Anthony Cooper - nice!
Like Jack's going to take orders.
So he has to trust him via "I could kill you but I won't"? Oh Bad Locke, you're in for a showdown.
Kate's name was crossed out? I didn't realize that before - was I supposed to?
"I'm with him." That was good.
Ooh! I see what's up. They'll go with Locke and Jack will save them. Wonder if he'll side with Widmore.
Oh wow. His Dad is like that?
Bullet reflecting Bad Locke is like a comic book character.
Now Sawyer trusts Bad Locke now. Crazy. Oh no he doesn't. I like how he calls Bad Locke "it". He's going to drown Bad Locke?
Nice shot with Jack and Claire in the reflection.
I love this! Sawyer and Jack on the same team.
Nonono Jack! Wrong backpack!
Kate shot!
Jack take that dang backpack off!
He shut Claire out. Awesome!
Get up and throw it!
"We did exactly what he wanted."
This is amazing!
So zombie Sayid is still useful and good.
Oooh! Jack! That's amazing! "What if he can't?"
Awesome! Oh my gosh this is amazing!
Stupid sad moment. Knew it would happen though. Acting is so good.
What? "I was in a plane crash." Oh that's so good. Locke's bizarro world is backward.
"What Happened, Happened."
He remembers? "I wish you'd believed me."
And then there were four.
Poor Hurley. :-(
Poor Jack. :-(
"Finish what I started."
Wow. Just wow.

Jorge Garcia will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.
And for pity's sake do we really need another vampire thing like the new show "The Gates"? Shame on you ABC for following the herd. You're best for unique shows.

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