Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day and the beginning of Summer term

Happy Flag Day, everyone! My vacation is over and sadly Steve had to go back home. We had such a good time and I'm so thankful for our time together. I'll be going back over to be with him soon, so until then I have to occupy myself with all my library goings on.

Summer term started last week. I'm looking at the Public Library course retake with fresh eyes. I've decided to use a different library for my focus - the library I'll be volunteering at. That way I can get a better view of the library and write up my projects based on what I experience there for more than a couple of hours on my own. This means that, conveniently, the Practicum and Public Library courses for the term will work side by side. It's quite nice for a Summer term. I have to work 120 hours from now until August and I'll be starting my internship on Wednesday. There will be Storytime that day, so I can hang out with tiny kids for a change. (Not that I didn't get my fill at Disney for the last two weeks.)

For both classes I've had to write up my introductions and why I chose Public Librarianship over the others. It just worked out that way, honestly. True, I've been a teacher, but to get a School Librarianship you had to go through the rigmarole of a state teaching certificate, which I couldn't do as a distance student. Plus, aside from working with students, I'd like to work in the public holistically. I like chatting with people here and there, so working with people of all ages would be something I'd like. Not sure where I'll end up working in the long run, but for now, Public Librarianship is my main goal. So I'm excited for this Summer. I'll be getting some good hands-on experience and inching closer to going back to be with Steve soon. Happy days!


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