Wednesday, August 11, 2010

End of the summer term

Part of my response for my end of year reflection:

I will admit, I was quite disappointed to know that the Public Library jobs are threatened so much. I'm honestly not quite sure where the degree plan comes in either. I was at a very small library and everyone was super nice to me and really showed me the ropes. None of them had an MLS degree so I felt kind of silly being there, to be quite honest. I was very happy to be there, so this is not to say I didn't learn anything or appreciate what they do and what they did for me. However, I equated the job at the library more to working at a grocery or department store. Aside from the Tech processing or here and there activities conducted, there was just a customer service job. Even people who have lost their jobs at grocery stores are given job placement. I've heard that a lot of temps leave their positions at the library as well and it's a revolving door atmosphere. I'm not surprised. With the same type of working being available to any given retail store that will ensure 40 hours a week plus retirement (at, say Publix) why not go that route instead? A lot of people are given on-the-job training and go from being a Circulation Desk Clerk to Head Librarian. Again, I'm just not sure where the degree aspect comes in for the Public Libraries. Since I don't live in Texas, I couldn't undertake a school librarian focus on my program, but I think that's where I'll be headed. I've taught English in the past and I really thought these two jobs would compliment one another but I really don't see that (in my small corner of the world, mind you) meshing. It's a shame. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to the profession, I'm just not sure where it comes to play in the whole arena of Public Libraries.

Again, it's not to say I don't appreciate every librarian for what they do, I'm just not sure the Public Library is where I'd enjoy working as much. I miss literature. High school librarian? University librarian? Something up that road I think is better for me. But then again, maybe not. Maybe something will fall in my lap that I really love in the Public Library. There's more than Titusville in my future, so I'll just have to see where my career ends up.

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