Monday, September 6, 2010

Homework for September

Classes have started as of last week and I’ve been getting myself acquainted with my classes.  This Fall term I have Children’s and YA Literature as well as Information Sources and Services.  For Children’s Lit I pick books from suggested lists and create blog posts about them.  I’ve decided to use my attempted blog project at Unfinished Book Reviews to create such posts.  For Info Resources, I’m learning about becoming a Reference Librarian.  Both classes are extremely beneficial because I really don’t know what kind of librarian I’ll become.  When I was asked what track I was going to be on for the program, I told them I had no intention of choosing a track yet because how do I know where I’ll end up? 

When it comes to finding a job, especially once I’ve moved, I’ll have to start working where ever I land a job and then work my way up through experience.  That may be at a Public Library or a University Library.  I’m not singling anything out right now because I really feel like a fish out of water in this career.  Granted, when I started interning, I was interested in how the library worked and I felt like I could do a good job in such a position.  I was just disappointed with the Public Libraries running the risk of being shut down so easily.  So, again, the job that lands in my lap will be the one I take on.

Granted, my English Lit. background is helpful and I do miss that kind of discussion in the classroom.  But I could always end up a Reference Librarian and running Book Clubs and computer classes.  I’ve looked at more English Lit. graduate programs but I’m not sure I want to get into that again.  The pretention of English majors (generally speaking – if you’re an English major you know what I’m talking about) is just not an arena I think I can get back into.  Feeling superior because I’ve read big books was fine when I was 20.  Now that I have a new focus in life, I’m not sure I have any interest in that aspect of the field again. 

As for teaching, yes I loved teaching Comm II.  I loved going to college and I loved teaching at college for the same reasons - I can get prepared, have my class and walk out of the room.  There’s no being stuck in a tiny room with 20-30 other people all day.  But teaching at the college doesn’t pay anything unless you’re tenured.  At the community college level they tell you that teaching high school is a better bet for money and benefits.  Since I don’t have an Education degree my problems that I had as a new teacher will continue on no matter where I go in the US.  I would still have to go to school to get teacher status in the UK.  So that would be 40+ hours of work with planning, being stuck at the school for 8 hours, then doing after school activities, meetings then going to my own classes?  Nope.  I will be a wife and want to be at home with my husband.  Having this library degree and going to work each day and working my way up to gain experience is my best bet.

But then again I may not find any kind of job other than secretary or a salesgirl at the mall.  Whatever, as long as I’m bringing home a pay check.

Since this blog was made primarily for library entries, I created a personal blog that I can email entries to.  Yes, yes Wordpress has the capability of email posts and there are apps but I really need to scale things down.  I’m not going to have this iPhone for much longer so I needed to make something I can update easily on the fly.  I won’t even go into how much this iPhone drives me crazy now.  It was fine for a year but now after the updates nothing works right; the camera is slow, it randomly reboots, apps won’t load, calls can’t be made, texts can’t be sent, touchscreen freezes…  I’m going to go the used Blackberry from Ebay route for a while until I can get a Droid or something. 

And on my final and most exciting note:  the wedding is in two weeks!  I’m so excited but blissfully calm all at the same time.  Having a small, private wedding is such a much better option.  There was enough hassle in finding the dress that I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to set up a big wedding party.  I’m just happy to be with Steve for our special day.

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