Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Portfolio!

Now that I've dropped my Librarians as Instructional Partners class, I've been able to concentrate on my Portfolio. This is my Final Exam that includes my resume, five-year plan on how I'll benefit the community in a new job, a list of how I'll accomplish those goals, and academic papers proving I have the necessary skills needed to accomplish those goals. There was a lot of tweaking involved and working with my academic advisor whom I just happened to ask how I submit an online portfolio. She gave a lot more pointers than the basic outline gave so now I should have a pretty decent Portfolio all together. Before I submit it I'll have to add a paragraph indicating why I chose the academic papers I chose.

In other library news, I'm the proud owner of cards for both my local library and the big City Library. I'm still super impressed with their self-service machines. Having a cafe around is awesome too. Yesterday I was able to walk to the library with Steve, then go on to the park with my books and read Wuthering Heights over coffee. Not a bad way to start the week.

I also applied for a library job in a town near here. I'm not sure how many positions are available or how many people will be applying for them but I really hope I get that job. It would be part-time, a bus ride away, and something within my perspective career. I have my fingers crossed big time for this.

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