Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Letter of resignation

This morning I made the decision to finally drop my Librarians as Instructional Partners class.  I’ve been getting daily emails from my group partner, going on about how we didn’t do all these things in the rubric –all those nit picky things.  Since I’m approaching my first submission on my Portfolio for my Final Exam and only half way through this course with only one assignment that with full credit given, I decided to lift this burden off of me. 



I’ve attached the necessary add/drop form to this email.  The Registrar’s Office said it needs to be signed by you and indicated a grade of “W”.

I appreciate all of your help and hard work you have done in this class but I really am not in a good position to continue with this course.  I only have full credit for one assignment so far and we’re at the mid-way point of the term.  I have never had such difficulty in a course and I fear for my grade by the end of the term. 

I will be graduating in May and I need to work on my last class that counts toward my graduation and my portfolio.  This means, I cannot give a lot of time and effort to any group members or such large projects.  I feel bad for being responsible for their grade, or have only a C for myself as I did with our first project.  The rubrics are very detailed and I just can’t put the effort into the work as you’d like us to. 

I also have never had to be so involved with partners or group members in any class before.  I’ve been able to correspond in email only and work on a project here and there in groups.  I chose the online program so that I could work at my own pace and I really struggle with having to meet other students’ schedules.  It’s just a lot of pressure for me so I regretfully am asking if I can drop the course with a grade of “W”. 

If this were earlier in my program and I were able to give the course and the other students more of my attention, I know I would enjoy these lessons immensely.  You have done an excellent job in setting these lessons up and I am grateful that you have taken so much time and effort in giving us feedback and being involved in our education.  That’s a wonderful trait that doesn’t always show through in other courses with other professors.

Thank you again for all of your help.  I appreciate your signing this form and giving me a grade of “W”.  Take care and have a wonderful rest of the Spring term.


~ Suzanne

I’m already getting upset each time I check my email and see something from my professor or classmate.  There is a ton of information for each tiny little assignment and I just don’t have the patience for all this right now.  I will feel so much relief to have this course off of my schedule so I can do well in my Library Management class and my Portfolio.  I’ve already been working with my advisor on it and there are things that need tweaking before I submit it for the first attempt on my 9th.  The importance of these things far out way having random students emailing me with things like “I need to hear from you by 9PM.”  I’ve never had to deal with a class like this before.

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