Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 8

The end is in sight for this Fall term and I’m so ready for it to be over.  In my Information Sources class I’ve managed to mess up an assignment twice and now have to spend the weekend going back to assignments from 3 weeks ago to change and correct.  At first I was confused about why each week we had, seemingly, the same assignment due.  After reading some of the student chat discussions I discovered that we were doing, as the syllabus says “sets” of these.  These sets were for different categories for each week.  After I thought I’d corrected that, I realized today that the categorized assignments were not corresponding with our weekly chapter reading assignments.  They were for chapters that we’d read maybe 2-3 weeks previously.  I ended up emailing the professor (again) and explaining to her how confused I’d been about these assignments and I would redo them.

With online classes I just get so use to how other professors set up their weekly modules that when another professor does something differently, I get all messed up.  At least I realized I did this now and now at the end of the term.

I also have still been working on my reviews for my Children’s / YA Literature class.  This week we read informational / non-fiction books.  I reviewed Bodies from the Ice, Actual Size, and Walt Whitman: Words for America.  Next week we’re doing historical fiction so I have actual novels to read.  I enjoy this class very much and I can see how being a Children’s Librarian would be very rewarding.

In mid-November I apply for graduation too.  I should be done by May!

Still working on getting back to Steve soon.  Here we thought this paperwork would take only one month, now it looks like it will be December before I get there. 

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