Monday, August 10, 2009

Successful Fractions Search in Library Lit

With the specific facet approach, I didn't have a completely narrow topic to begin with. Now, with the successful fractions search, I will have to purposely narrow by adding facets. To try and change things, I will go backwards from my last search, and begin with "fiction". Undoubtedly that will have a huge number of hits. I search "fiction" and get 5495 hits. If I add the second facet of "books", this will still cause a lot of hits, I'm sure. It does: 2823 hits. Now, when I add on the third, most narrow term I had, "prekindergarten", I end up with 0 hits. I go back and try the spelling again, first with "pre-kindergarten", which does not good, then "pre kindergarten" which leaves me with no hits. I have to eliminate the "pre" and use the word "kindergarten" as my third facet term, and now I have 3 hits. These hits include only abstracts and only articles. However, the third article, "Science Books & Films' best books for children, 1992-1995 (book review)" is a good article to use, if I can find it in full test. Too bad it is over 10 years old though.

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