Monday, August 10, 2009

Citation Pearl Growing Search in WorldCat

For this search, since I had to go as specific as possible, first, I chose an article from my previous search: "School Readiness and Pre-Kindergarten Programs" by Nancy McEntire. I used the terms s au=mcentire and s ti=school. I did not recall the name of the journal, so I tried with these two terms first. This produced results, but McEntire, Nancy was not listed in the database. If I, again, go back to other searches, "Science Books & Films' best books for children, 1992-1995 (book review)" from Booklist, may be retrievable in WorldCat. I tried s ti=science, and s pu=booklist. No results. Next I had to try one of the other book reviews, such as the one I found on "Footprints in the Snow" by Beverly Combs, published by Library Media Connection. I tried s ti=footprints, s su=combs and s pu=library and ended up with no results. By just searching "Combs" I could find articles, but none by Beverly Combs. If I took one of my failed results, I could look up the article, "Writing from the heart : inspiration for the writer's heart" by Erica Combs, published in More Heart Than Talent Publishing, Inc. I go back and search s ti=writing, s au=combs and s pu=more. This pulls up the article immediately. I guess if you're going to look for a specific article, it's a lot harder to find the right database that carries it. Using a cross-reference database would have produced better results.

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