Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tagging / Indexing / Cataloging

I searched under "school library" in Library Thing and found this tag cloud:

2001 reads(1) 2004(1) 2007(1) 20th Century(4) 21st c.(1) academic libraries(1) advocacy(1) Australian(2) Autobiography(1) books(1) Books and Reading(2) budgeting(1) censorship(1) collection development(1) copyright(1) database(1) education(5) Fiction(1) gt(1) in(1) information literacy(10) information science(1) intellectual property(1) lesson planning(2) librarians(3) Librarianship(1) libraries(7) library(1) library science(4) management(2) non-fiction(5) public libraries(1) read(1) reading(2) special collections(1) standards(1) teaching(8) technology(1) vintage(1)

The tag cloud and information for "school library" is at the following link:

Within that search for school libraries, I found a book entitled Library 101: A Handbook for the School Library Media Specialist. This book is a good resource for a career in school librarianship . Another good resource I found was New on the Job: A School Library Media Specialist's Guide to Success, which I would think would serve its purpose in what the title indicates. Having a simple guide to begin your career in school librarianship would be very important to have in your personal library. This book comes highly recommended at Amazon for any first year school librarians, especially elementary school librarians.

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