Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 4 of my Final Term

So my classes aren’t even done with their third week and already I’ve had problems here and there.  My Librarians as Instructional Partners just seems like a lot of work and since my Library Management class is my main focus (the one I need to get my degree credits complete), I don’t want the Partners class to distract me.  I spoke to the professor who eased my worries a bit but it’s a big difference from Public Librarianship to School Librarianship.  With the school library there’s so much demand.  I understand, being a teacher myself that there would be an immense need for the school librarian to be versed in the curriculum, rubric, instruction, and standards for ever class that walked into the library.  Hence the workload is a lot.  Projects.  Partner projects. 

Library Management is the way my other classes have been.  I’ll post my Reflective Diary for my past few weeks in class that need to be submitted next Monday.  That will give an idea of the things I’m working on there.

I got a letter from Durham saying that they acknowledged my cancelled interview and that they were not able to allow as many students into the program as they were last year.  I guess I wouldn’t have gotten in despite my huge tuition fees or dazzling amount of credentials I had to show them at said interview.  My application was sent on to Sunderland but the tuition fees are deemed by the government so I can’t go into their program if they offered it to me anyway.  Oh well.

On a side note, I envy professors.  I wish there were something I was an expert in that I could just teach.  Well, I guess I kind of am with the writing/reading thing.  Wish I could just go back and get my M.A. in English Lit like I originally planned.  Well, maybe not.  Reading 10 novels in one month became a bit daunting too.

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