Monday, January 24, 2011

A new term, a new start

Last week my final library science classes at TWU started.  Coincidentally or not I was travelling last week as well.  So today, from my new home office in my flat in England, with a view of the back garden, I am catching up on my first assignments.

This term I have Librarians as Instructional Partners as well as Library Management.  So far I’ve done my introductions and read an article, printed the syllabi and started writing in assignment dates in my day-planner.  It looks like I’ll have my hands full with assignments and projects, but that’s fine.  I’m enjoying the spoils of being a housewife now so I can spend my days, like today, doing the laundry and tackling homework. 

As far as the quest for an online Master’s in Ed program, I found out that I really don’t need it.  My MLS degree courses will suffice for renewing my Florida Professional Certificate so I’ve already sent in the fax to have those transcripts sent in to Tallahassee (where the FLDOE is) in May once the term is over.  After that, if we come back to Florida, all I need to do is take a Media Specialist test and I can be certified for that as well.  At this rate, I’ll have a lot of tools under my belt.  I’ll still go to Durham in February to do the interview for my UK teacher training courses (see if they’ll let me in).  I now can sort of lean back and see what, if any, classes I want to take over Summer.  I’m thinking I’d enjoy the MEd in Reading programs better than the Curriculum and Development ones.  (Still not sure what the C&I programs do for anyone either but I did hear a couple comments on that being good for librarians.)

I’m sorry I don’t have much other input than that.  I’ll be able to post more specifics about my librarian/academic life once the term really gets moving.

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